Fit like!.

For those of you who don’t know me I am Martin Gray and currently the vice president for our show 2024.

Looking forward to getting going with this year’s show once everything drys up as there is plenty jobs to be getting on with.

I work at my family run engineering business Newmech services as well as helping out on the farm at Newmachar and evenings and weekends at Greens of Middlehill Cuminestown where I stay with my wife Paula of 9 years, our 5 year old son James and collie dog pat.

As far as New Deer Show goes I suppose I would be classed as an incomer ( hanger on) as suggested coming from Newmachar I wasn’t really involved with the show until I met paula in 2010 since then I have increasingly got more involved carrying out several roles firstly lending a hand with sheep, then truck show , I have assisted with the bar better known as fridge van man also Goat conveynor before being asked to take on junior vice in 2023 which I was honoured to be asked and hope to be able to carry on the great reputation and progress the show in the next couple of years.

Best memories of the show being competing in Tug of war, marquee dances and managing to pull of 100 years of Ford New Holland tractors in 2017 where we managed to get over 100 tractors to attend the show from all ages.

In the lead up to the show there is a lot of work and effort goes into making it all happen this is only possible due to our hardworking and dedicated comittee but the show would not mange to continue with out the support of the exhibitiors and all the show goers so massive thankyou to everyone for the continued support and look forward to seeing you all for the 2024 New Deer Show .

Let’s Work Together


New Deer Show committee want to hear from you about anything you can bring tot he table. Whether it be help us improve the show in anyway or are looking at taking part or even helping out, please get in touch.